Adelaide Armchair

With its deep seat, lumbar cushion, curved back, and enveloping arms, adelaide is an invitation to un wind. After a long hard day, all you’ll want to do is sit back and relax on this stylish rocker, your legs stretche do ut on the match in got to man (also arocker). This small swivel armchairs pins 360 degrees and is buil to nasolid hard wood and bent- lamina ted frame secured with screws and glued for maximum durability.

Adelaide is compacte nough to fiteasily in to any roo min the house, for any purpose. The swivel feature makes it the seat of choice at parties, while the rocking motion makes it a favourite in the nursery (especially when up holstered with easy- to-cleanefficiency fabric).
WIDTH : 27''

HEIGHT : 34 1/2''

DEPTH : 33''
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